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Students' feedback on the live theatre play
"Dreaming in English" on September 28th, 2012

Rachel O'Hare
Nicola Rainford
Mark Bugenhagen
Mickey Staveley

Thank you so much for your brilliant performance,
we greatly enjoyed your work and all benefited a lot.

Beneath you find some shortened feedback quotes
of our students:

• … I wished I was Gavin … Alexander (T12)

• A big love story, a lot of humor and a very professional performance made it nice to follow. Anne (12A)

• Before the play started some of us had the chance to talk to the actors. They were really funny and friendly. Sina, Alena & Adrian (T12)

• First of all let me thank you for coming to our school and sharing this wonderful experience with us. It was great to see how the performance motivated, even if you didn’t work with many means. It was really good, because you were really close to the audience. The actors were very friendly. They integrated us students into their play and explained everything. It was also nice to see that the theatre-group captivated students (or teenagers) also on the emotional level. That is a proof for real high class actors and organizers. So, we all would like to see your theatre-group again. Kind regards Julia (12A)

• From scene to scene they changed their characters and outfits, which was pretty amazing. Jonas (C11)

• I have a nice idea: we perform a theatre-play at England high schools, titled “Träume in deutsch”! Alexander (T12)

• I liked how the actors switched between roles. Jannis (C11)

• I liked that the actors gave the audience the chance to choose between three different endings. What I really liked about the end was that everything happened so fast. Sometimes it was a bit too romantic and dramatic! The language was very good and I guess that nearly everybody understood the whole story. It was a nice play and great tool for German students to learn a bit more English and to learn about the English culture. Eileen (12A)

• I liked the actors and how they changed roles within a few seconds. Nikola (C11)

• I liked the communication between the actors and the students and how they included us audience into the performance from the beginning up to the end. Sarah (12A)

• I liked the nice acting of Nicola Rainford – she did it so authentically! Elias (T12)

I liked the performance of Mickey ‘Gavin’ Staveley and Rachel ‘Lena’ O’Hare – most of us thought they have a relationship in real. Yasmin (T12)

• I liked the story of Lena and Gavin and how the feelings of the characters got across. Moreover, I liked that they had a lot of costumes and put on music in some situations. Ann-Kristin (C11)

• I think it was a play for everyone, it was funny, romantic and it had so many other shades. Esra (C11)

• I was really impressed of how well the actors performed and interpreted their characters. Sophie (C11)

I’d already seen two other plays by the White Horse Theatre (“The girl with the golden wig”, and” Neighbors with big teeth”) and have to say that “Dreaming in English” was the best. The performance was interesting because of the many different roles and types of people. I had recognized that the actors and actresses had a lot of fun playing their roles and they seemed to love their job. Please, White Horse Theatre, go on this way and the people will love your plays. Lisa-Marie (12A)

• In spite of only a few stage settings the four actors presented a very well done theatre play. Rebecca (C11)

• It is sad that Lena and Gavin are only in a relationship on stage, because their kisses were so real. Eileen (C11)

• It was a fantastic theatre-show and you could learn new words, but you also could understand the story. Thank you very much! Elisa (12A)

• It was easy to follow, even for students who are not so good in English! Tim, Martin, Yalcin (T12)

• It was funny and exciting, because they acted very well and switched their roles often. Moritz (C11)

• Lena and Gavin, played by Rachel O’Hare (22) and Mickey Staveley (28) convinced with wonderful, romantic kisses. Mark showed us his broad facets in offhanded changes from the crazy taxi driver in London, over the uncomprehending deck-chair rental man up to Madame Tussauds’ Michael Jackson. Nicola showed off to be very self-confident, and so her parts were intoxicating and enjoying: she sold ice-cream on rollerblades with a funny pronunciation, took funny pictures as American tourist Sarah, even made the mysterious beggar in the tube station look real, and as her maybe best role as the sexy lady Sherrie, who wanted to impress Gavin in a Brighton pub. Anne (12A)

• Most of us thought that an English theatre play is boring but all of us were surprised and enthusiastic and would visit an English theatre again. Sina, Alena & Adrian (T12)

• Nicola Rainford was the best! Damla (12A)

• Nicola Rainford was very funny and made me smile very often. Mickey Staveley was very sympathetic, because he play-acted like it would be the most normal thing to do – he was cool! Rachel O’Hare and Mickey Staveley looked like being in a relationship in real life. Melena (C11)

• Nicola was a bit too crazy! Michelle (12A)

• Nicolas’ craziness was very funny but sometimes hard to understand! Marc was really multitalented and played all roles brilliantly. Rachel’s and Mickey’s performance were very good. Jan, Vincent, Philip (T12)

• Normally I hate theatre plays, but this stage play and performance was really good and the best I ever went to see! Pascal (C11)

• Rachel played her role of a German girl really convincingly and Nicola was very funny due to her craziness, but sometimes it was a bit difficult to understand her. Thanh, Joshua (T12)

• Some of our classmates were afraid that they could not understand the perfect English of the actors but they talked so clearly and slowly that we could understand everything. Sina, Alena & Adrian (T12)

• Thank you for an English lesson we will never forget! Sina, Alena & Adrian (T12)

• The actors did not show being nervous at any time. Melisa (T12)

• The actors performed their roles amazingly.Rachel and Mickey performed their roles so well that some of the students later asked if they really were in a relationship. Esra (C11)

• The actors play-acted very well and I really liked the show, the story and the dialogues. They all spoke so clearly that I could understand them very well. Felicia (C11)

• The actors showed that they have fun to present the play and so it did not get boring! David (12A)

• The actors were really authentic and the changes between the scenes were short and professional. Marcel and Viktor (T12)

• The actors were very good! Jaqueline (12A)

• The atmosphere was really cool. Marlon (C11)

• The audience got really involved through the German-English false friends mistakes, which are typical for Germans. Every main scene was combined with sometimes funny side plots, so it never got boring on stage. Another good idea was the reflection of their time together in London, while sitting in the train back to Brighton. Sasithar (T12)

• The best of the story was that it was something like an interactive theatre play, because we had the chance to choose one of three endings. Esra (C11)

• The end of the play was funny; it looked like a fairy tale! Isabell (12A)

• The majority chose the romantic end where they marry and live together forever. That was pretty exaggerated, but it was funny. Larissa (12A)

• The music was well used to underline an authentic setting, express emotions and bridge brief breaks between scenes. Tim, Martin, Yalcin (T12)

• The option of endings was very good, because you involved the audience! Jan, Vincent, Philip (T12)

• The play produced positive feedbacks! Fabienne and Mailien (C11)

• The show was very funny! Eralp (T12)

• The story was very emotional! Yasmin (T12)

• There was no time to fall asleep like in a normal English lesson. Anne (12A)

• They all were really professional actors! Jacqueline (C11)

• They play-acted with so much fun and power! The story was so cute and I liked that we could choose the ending. Kira (C11)

• With a few tools they enhanced many of the scenes. Maren (C11)

• With a small set and a lot of enthusiasm they presented us their play! xxx (C11)

• You delivered an amazing show! The students loved the perfect play! Some of them experienced that their English was even better than they had thought! Patricia (12A)

• You moved us! Jonathan (C11)

• Your variable endings that even involved the audience were cool. We just didn’t like that you guys didn’t show us all your endings! Thanh, Joshua (T12)